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Ms. Boles is a master baker of cozy mysteries. The multiple story elements are mixed together just right and make Cherry Cake and a Cadaver a worthy addition to the series and a tasty read in its own right.

Back Porchervations

Lily Gayle and the gang set out to find a killer after local baker Luxen Natolovich is found dead hours before the grand opening weekend at the new Bed and Breakfast in town, Midnight Dragonfly. As Lily Gayle deciphers the clues around Luxen’s death she uncovers a conspiracy of lies and half-truths that could very well be tied to a refugee camp in Mississippi during World War II. The deeper Lily Gayle digs the deeper the conspiracy runs and the closer she comes to being the killers next victim.

A 2017 Official Selection in mystery by New Apple Awards. This cozy mystery, Cherry Cake and a Cadaver, from Susan Boles is a new addition to the great southern cozy mystery tradition of Tonya Kappes, Miranda James and Larissa Reinhart.