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Death in Mercy

A prequel novella to the

Lily Gayle Lambert Mystery Series!

Lily Gayle Lambert has returned to her hometown of Mercy, Mississippi to start a new life. Within months of her arrival a private investigator shows up asking a lot of questions only to end up dead behind Miss Edna’s home. Read this story to follow along as Lily Gayle becomes involved in her very first mystery in her home town.

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Harry Pewter, London

About The Book

Lily Gayle Lambert has returned to her home town of Mercy, Mississippi in this prequel novella to the award winning Lily Gayle Lambert Mystery series.

Lily Gayle has returned home after her lifelong best friend, Dixie, arrived in Nashville, TN six months after her husband died in a tragic car accident. Dixie all but drags Lily Gayle kicking and screaming back to Mercy, Mississippi where Lily Gayle sets about creating a new life for herself. A few months after her arrival, she’s heading up the big St. Patrick’s Day party planning when a stranger arrives in town asking a lot of questions.

Lily Gayle spots him outside the home of Miss Edna, who’s the town busybody and also all of eighty years old. Not someone usually welcoming to strangers. When Lily Gayle questions Miss Edna about the stranger she gets put in her place by the old woman.

Not daunted in the least, Lily Gayle begins asking questions in other parts of town to find out who the stranger is and why he’s in Mercy.

But, before she can dig up the dirt, she’s digging up clues to find out who killed the stranger.

And, just like that, she’s involved in her very first mystery case!

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